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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> right now at 11:00 we're following several breaking new stories. a man with a gun threatening people inside the busy metreon movie theater in san francisco. but first on the run no more, late tonight the feds capturing one of the two inmates who broke out of the south bay jail last week. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm roger. >> the inmate escaped to the south bay. we were the first to break the
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story for you. u.s. marshals arrested la ron campbell in antioch two hours ago and right now he's on his way back to the sclark jail. >> nbc bay area's ian joins us in san jose awaiting his arrival. ian, six nights on the round, how did they finally catch him? >> reporter: the details of his arrest are still largely unclear at this point. but investigators have been telling us today and for the past six days that they are getting countless tips and leads and tonight la ron campbell is taken into custody. we are told that he'll be first taken to the santa rita jail in alameda county before being transported to the jail he escaped from six days ago. sources tell nbc news he was skap toured tonight. the incident happened without incident. the other escape ee rogelio chavez is still on the loose. the two men escaped from the
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joun at this jail last wednesday thanksgiving eve. the sheriff said they used saws and bed sheets to ra pel down and escape. also new tonight new information and video, the sheriff's office said a tip led tome to seventh and keys in san jose 4:00 p.m. someone told 911 saying they saw rogelio enter then drink water from the hose outside. deputies and police responded and at this hour they cannot confirm that it was him. deputies say they're getting many tips, especially after a $20,000 reward was offered for information leading to their arrest. once again, tonight rogelio chavez is still on the loose. and police have captured the u.s. marshals have captured campbell. they say that he'll be brought here to the santa clara county jail in the next several hours. they want to find out how he escaped and if he has information on the whereabouts of ra hill kbrogelio chavez. they'll be updating us late
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tomorrow morning. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> we're also following breaking news out of san francisco. some very scary moments at the metreon theater. police actually evacuating the theater as they search a man with a gun. nbc's jean elliott is live at the scene. they evacuated the theater. what's happening now? >> reporter: they did, jessica. things have calmed down a lot. employees here at the metreon say they are shaken up after a man pulled a gun inside the movie theater. police swarmed fourth and mission after someone called # 11 and said a man was inside with a gun. police evacuated the theater around 8:00. employees who can't talk on camera tell me movie goers panicked when that man pulled a gun out in theater number 10 and pointed it at people. employees say they hid and then directed the police officers to the right theater. police say they detained a man and recovered a hand gun. no one was hurt.
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a man going to the movies after the incident said he saw the police activity and was glad he wasn't inside. >> scary, i'm glad i wasn't there. yeah, i mean, with everything that was going on now in the world or everything in the united states, it's just a terrible thing. >> reporter: the metreon would normally be open right now, but it closed early after the scare. the incident really did rattle some nerves here and while police gave the all clear, there are still lots of unanswered questions, like who is this man police dee taped and why did he bring a gun into a movie theater. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a deadly accident prompted the cancellation of tonight's circumstance day sew lay at at&t park. we just got an update a few minutes ago. a show technician was struck by a forklift during preparations for this evening's show. san francisco fire transported the man to s.f. general where he died of his injuries.
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the show is set up in a parking lot a. you can see it there, of the ballpark. still no word on the identity of that man. you can stay with nbc bay area for the latest on these breaking stories. we'll also be updating our website, nbc bay, and our social media sites through the night. >> new at 11:00 tonight, was it hayesing or some strange sexual assault? north bay football team is under investigation tonight after an alleged teammate on teammate attack. police say one student was singled out and then man handled by fellow players. n nbc cheryl has the latest not cheryl. >> reporter: when two main football teams in this town play, they usually do it here. football is a big deal in napa and when a parent found out football players from napa high were under investigation, she agreed to talk to us only if we agreed not to show her face. >> we should have been notified. >> reporter: a parent feeling stressed out after finding out
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that an alleged assault involving football players happened at her daughter's school. >> there was an assault in the parking lot on park avenue at napa high, and that they were touching his private areas. >> reporter: and this parent believes she knows why. >> a freshman was moved up to jv and other kids were jealous. >> reporter: police put out a press release on the alleged assault. >> a member from the team had grabbed onto another member and had grabbed at them, had hit and grabbed at them. >> reporter: because the students are juveniles, there wasn't much more police could say. >> the school is handling their own investigation. >> reporter: school officials say the district's concern is that students are safe. that's exactly the concern this parent has. >> of course, keep the boy's name private. but what about the other people that did this to him? are they still attending school? let us know how we can protect our children.
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>> reporter: we are told that no action has been taken against any students because the police department and the school district are still investigating. reporting live in napa, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. tonight health officials are are urging the public to throw out any left overs from a community thanksgiving meal that sickened more than a dozen people. 17 people have become seriously ill, including three people who died. all of the victims ate thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall organized by the golden hills community church. the brent wood based parish has been serving holiday meals for decades. >> its was from us, we want to fix it. and if it wasn't from us, then we still want to help the people who were hurting. >> the sheriff's department are kulking autopsies on the people who died. >> disturbing case of animal abuse in san francisco. jasmine marshall and kelvin johnson arrested last week for somehow allegedly forcing their dog to kill a racoon and coyote
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in golden gate park and documented it on social media. they could face up to sick animal felony abuse kouns. >> oakland could be losing two of its teams. the fight is on to keep the raiders but the warriors are on their way out. today they cleared a hurdle in moving to san francisco. the california state appeals held a previous -- upheld a previous decision validating the environmental impact report, the eir for the team's proposed waterfront arena near at&t park. the warriors helped to break ground in a few months. a group called the mission bay alliance argued the report was flawed released this statement tonight. quote, we are deeply disappointed with today's koertd ruling. our legal team is reviewing the ruling and considering options. we believe the proposed warriors arena is incompatible with the mission bay south neighborhood. also big news late today for the raiders as well a we first reported last week, city leaders met behind closed doors today. they gave a green light to the proposal to keep the team in
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oakland. a group of investors led by nfl hall of famer roni lot has laid out a plan to build a privately financed stadium at the site of the current coliseum. the city council will now vote on this proposal next wednesday. also in a closed door session. in it passes, lot's group can then counter the stadium deal las vegas has presented. >> one of those things they tell you, never lose hope, i lost it. i totally lost it. >> couples stuck in the snow for days, what they did to survive until help finally arrived. >> injured fire fighters complained, we investigated. i'm liz wagner and coming up next the reason the city of san jose is heading in a new direction when it comes to helping workers hurt on the join. >> i'm meteorologist jeff. a cool 45 right now in san jose. we'll let you know who dropped down to the 30s for tomorrow morning, plus check this out. not only clouds, but a
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possibility of a few showers. i'll have the forecast in less than ten minutes.
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>> tomorrow was supposed to be the championship match. instead, no match and no soccer team. tonight investigators are scouring the black boxes of that deadly plane crash carrying a brazilian soccer team. it went down in colombia late last night. among the images we're seeing today, take a look. the few players who were not on that team flight in shock as there are so many fans around the world. only six of the 77 people on board survived. there are vigils and moments of silence tonight throughout the world. a flight attendant told rescuers the plane ran out of fuel. in a heart warming gesture, the colombian team that was supposed
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to play tomorrow says the championship should be awarded to the brazilian team. there is devastation tonight in continue ten. at least three people are confirmed dead. a wildfire burns near the great smokey mountain national park. this is the most visited national park in the country. 150 homes and businesses have burned. the fire erupted last night and high winds fueled the flames. more than 14,000 people were forced to evacuate. tonight investigators say the fire might have been started by a person. no indication, though, if it's arson or accidental. >> pretzels, girl scout cookies and some candy, that's what a couple from yuba city had to eat while stuck for days in the sierra snow. tonight they're talking about the worry that they experienced as they hoped rescuers would come and get them. >> i'm not the kind of person that cries and i cried for three solid days. i could not get hold of my emotions which is one of those things they tell you, never lose hope, never lose your -- i lost
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it. i just totally lost it. >> susan hollander is still trying to come to grips with what she just went through. susan and her husband roy were rescued monday night after spending three days stranded in the snow. their suv stuck in a ravine miles from any help. she said they tried lighting fires and watched for planes above. 48 hours after getting stuck, they started to worry about their health and whether they'd ever be rescued. >> we both noticed that we were really starting to get weak and that really started to concern me because then it's like if you can't walk up there and i can't walk up there to cell reception, we may be totally done here. >> what they didn't know was that more than two dozen rescuers were getting closer and closer. >> i was just sitting in the front seat with the cd bag on me. i looked up and said, oh, my god, there is somebody here, like that. i'm going ah. i jumped out of the vehicle because i thought these guys are just here for fun. they don't know we need help until they stepped out of the
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vehicle and they had the orange vests on. i was like, oh, thank god, it's help, it's help. it's finally help. >> hollander said the part that bothers her the most is the anxiety she put her family through. >> i will never do this to my family ever again. i'm so thankful for my son. he did a lot. that's the only thing i wanted was to see my son again. sorry. >> now, hollander said she will not be going four wheeling in the snow any time soon and she recommends anyone who does carry a gps device or get an app on your phone that will provide your gps coordinates. she said if they had had that they would have been found immediately. >> well, are he getting the full story? tonight we're hearing from the husband of the woman who was allegedly kidnapped. keith panini says his wife shar i was covered in black and yellow bruises when she was found. she was also starved, weighing just 87 pounds. the mother of two was discovered on the side of interstate 5 on
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thanksgiving up near redding. she disappeared while jogging near her home on november 2nd. in a statement, keith said he was grateful everyone has reached out to him and his family, but he also addressed the increasing scrutiny of this case. rumors, assumptions, lies and hate have been both exhausting and disgusting. we are not going to allow those people to take away our spirit, love or rejoice in our girl found alive and home where she belongs. >> so, what happens if you're injured on the job, but then you're denied care? that is the reality for dozens of fire fighters in san jose. our investigative unit first uncovered the city of san jose had to step in when workers' comp denied treatment. >> liz wagner from our investigative unit joins us now with the inside story. liz. >> reporter: roj, late today the city selected a new contractor to handle workers' comp for injured fire fighters. this decision to move in a new direction comes as the state wrapped up an audit of how
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injury claims are handled in the city. the action prompted by our investigation. we first showed you this stunning video this summer, a building in downtown san jose collapsed onto captain marty honish. it happened in 1999, but he still suffers from his injuries. >> it just skrushd me >> reporter: the city awarded him lifetime benefits, but his treatment was recently denied by athens administrators. that's the company the city hired in 2013 to handle workers' comp for half the city's employees, including fire fighters. >> that's how they operate. the business model is deny first. >> reporter: our investigation found dozens of fire fighters complained about denials. and as we exposed in august, the city agreed with 95% of their complaints, overruled athens and granted medical treatment. >> agree to disagree. >> reporter: hr director said the city had to overturn more denials since our investigation this summer. >> we have had to revisit some
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of those decisions post the last time we met, yes. >> it is recommended that the city -- >> reporter: today the city council voted to select a new company called inter care to handle workers' comp when athens contract expires in january. this development comes as the state wrapped up an audit of the handling of injury claim in the city. the department of industrial relations says our investigation prompted a closer look. angelo said injured workers also asked the state to review their cases. >> there's too many of them to ignore. >> reporter: retired fire captain ray storm sees the frustration firsthand. as vice-president of the san jose police and fire retirees association, storm says his phone rings every week about denials of medical care. >> they feel like they're not being supported. >> reporter: late monday the state reported that auditors did not find a pattern or practice of denial in medical treatment. storm says injured fire fighters deserve appropriate care. after putting their life on the line. >> these people that are
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retired, that are injured, they're hurting. >> reporter: now, the state's review happened to coincide with this effort routine audit into athens administrators. the company says it scored nearly 100%. athens has repeatedly said it makes decisions about medical care for injured worker and fire fighters based on guidelines that are approved by the state. jes? >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for liz or anyone in the investigative unit, call us. >> jeff is with us. we're not meteorologists. it seems like it's freezing outside. >> it is very cold. temperatures already dropping into the 40s. great job, by the way. freezing is appropriate here for a lot of the bay area. and we're going to see numbers go into the 30s here for a few select spots on our micro climate weather forecast. the biggest change is as you look ahead to the next 24 hours will be the increasing cloud cover here as we head into wednesday's forecast. and yes, there is some rainfall associated with it. just a slight chance that we
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could get a little bit of spotty activity moving into the bay area. but let's take you outside right now in concord, currently 41 degrees. that's after a high of 59 and temperatures will fluctuate tonight, some increase in cloud cover at 5:00 and 6 o'clock in the morning will hold temperatures at 42 degrees to start. as you'll see on our morning forecast, we'll go with the low here, an average of 39 for the tri valley. that will be a chilly spot for the peninsula, 44, south bay average is 41. so, not the clearest of mornings that we've seen lately. and again, cold temperatures to start. down to 44 in the east bay, and the north bay will begin at 3. i want to show you the future cast next because all day long it has been trending not only with increased gray sky for tomorrow beginning at 8:30 in the morning, but also some rainfall offshore. as the storm moves ashore, it will begin to break up. i still think we could see some spotty showers around 1:30 in the afternoon on wednesday for the bay area, and this likely could carry into about 6:30 at
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night. trace amounts, maybe max amounts maybe 5/100 inch. windshield wipers going for tomorrow, the biggest impact will be the cool temperatures that remain and also the clouds in place. a look at the micro climate forecast for you, wednesday's forecast as we try to get over this thanksgiving hang over of all the relaxing and the food, you have a crisp 59 in san jose, 61 in east san jose. very, very similar temperatures across the board. east bay also upper 50s to low 60s. for the peninsula a light wind coming out of the north at 6. 57 in daily city, 59 in palo alto. san francisco, wind kicks up at 7 miles per hour, 56 in the embark dare owe will feel like the low 50s. so, chilly in the city and in the north bay 57 in mill valley, up to napa, 59 degrees. i want to show you the extended forecast now. we do have a change to tell you about while we have the clouds for wednesday, dry weather all
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the way to the upcoming weekend and now looks like we may get a spotty shower by next monday and tuesday in san francisco. same thing goes for the interior valleys. so, this is something we'll be watching very closely and something of note is next monday and tuesday with that spotty chance of showers. lows will be down in the 30s. no possibility of snow just yet, but we'll watch that timing very closely. >> so it is freezing soon. >> yes, soon. >> thanks, jeff. >> i brought gloves to work. still to come, jelly like kree tours watchi washing up on a california beach. it is so weird even scientists are confused. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, natalie port man, j.j. abrams, neil diamond. favorite pass word, music, neil diamond. do not change your channel. it's great. >> happening at our home page, google is proposing i plan for an apartment complex in mountain view, but it comes with a catch. going also wants to expand its offices and they want do do it in an area currently zoned for
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homes. you'll soon be able to hang out with mario brothers. universal studio is adding an attendance to its park. we'll be back in two minutes with more. >> i contacted nbc and two days later the check was in the mail. >> we respond to every call, every e-mail. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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>> okay, pet lum a is the latest town to join the bait and switch packaging program this holiday season. here's how it works. bait packages containing gps trackers will be placed at homes and businesses throughout the city. once the package is stolen, if it's stolen, police will get an alert and they can track down the thief. as we reported last night, campbell is also using the program. >> well, some pigeons in palo alto are leaving behind quite a
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stink and mess. they are hanging out in the embark dare owe underpass and it smells. the sten much so bad, first complained to the city. palo alto will shut down the road for seven nights to clean up the area. >> cleanliness is really important. i think there's risk of disease when you have pigeon poop on the bridge. i think it's a great idea. >> the city will go ahead and install netting so the birds will no longer be able to roost in the rafters. >> it's a beach mystery that's confusing even scientists. these weird jelly-like creatures washed up by the thousands on huntington beach this week. you know what it is? scientists can't determine what they are. their best guess, some kind of sea cucumber. the creatures are now gone. any idea? >> a sea cucumber. >> up next, not many people walk away from a stanford degree. >> but this guy did. he's coming up next and we'll show you why he's back on campus. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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>> he scores! it's over! >> it is over. randy hall with a nice call. brent burns with a sweet goal living up to that fat contract
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he just signed. burns scores the game winner in overtime. the shark tank was buzzing tonight. sharks beat the coyotes 2-1 and took over first place in the pacific division. former basketball star is back on campus to handle some unfinished business. >> case i jacobson came to stanford in 1999 and now he's going back to herald some academic hardware. he's 35 years old now and like every other student with his bike and back pack, goes to class. unlike most under grads, he has a wife and three daughters. he left them in southern california so he can fulfill one of his biggest goals. >> in order to pursue the big goal to play in the nba, i left early. now 14 years after i left in 2002, i'm back to finally complete my undergraduate degree in communication. >> it's not all schoolwork. jacobson spends some of his town at maples pavilion where he helps outs the men's and women's basketball teams. sometim sometimes when he walks into the class they think he's the
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professor. >> i remember him well when he was here as an undergrad as a player. we're back in a moment with palo alto's hot new resta ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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palo al >> okay, check it out. celebrity chef is finally bringing his famous sushi to the bay area. a noble restaurant will open in palo alto next year. the report says the restaurant will move into the ee pif knee hotel in downtown palo alto in june. it will replace lower and till which will close at the end of the year. word has it roj is taking all of us -- >> yes. >> three rolls of sushi will cost like a thousand dollars. >> it's your problem, not mine. >> tastes so good, though. >> okay, we're automobile going in june? >> i'm free. >> we'll see you then. thanks for joining us here. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- natalie portman. j. j. abrams.


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